And has the hat to prove it…..

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly defended and praised New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throughout the recent Deflategate scandal. Now, it appears the admiration might go both ways.

On Saturday, Barstool Sports writer John Feitelberg tweeted out a picture of Brady’s locker which features, among other things, Trump’s now-iconic “Make America Great Again” hat:

Trump has consistently supported Brady during Deflategate. Last May, after Brady was initially suspended for four games, Trump (who wasn’t running for president yet) called on him to sue the NFL for defamation. On Thursday, after Brady’s lawsuit proved successful, Trump tweeted again to call him a “friend and a total winner.”

Hope Hicks, a Trump spokeswoman, told CNN that it shouldn’t be surprising that Brady owns such a hat.

“It’s well documented that Mr. Trump and Tom have a great friendship and have for many years,” she said.

Tom Brady has expressed an interest in politics and even said he may run for office when his playing days are over, but little is known about his actual beliefs.