Lets guess how she would afford it….

Like Obama, Hillary Clinton wants tackle global warming as well. One of her policy positions is to increase solar power by 700 percent by 2020 at the cost of $700 billion. Right now, solar generates 20 gigawatts (GW). A 700 percent increase would boost output to 140 GW within that time frame, which is tight. As American Action Forum noted, it’s going to take an enormous amount of land to meet the needs of Clinton’s ambitious solar project:

AAF found Energy Information Administration (EIA) data for the amount of projected solar capacity in GW in the year 2020 under current policy: 27.57 GW. To reach a goal of 140 GW of solar capacity, the nation would need to increase capacity by roughly 112 GW. But what would this solar build-out cost? Next, with data from the EIA, AAF used the cost of solar power per megawatt hour ($/MWh) of $114.3, including the subsidized rate. Finally, AAF examined recent solar projects and installations for real-world prices.

Assuming solar remains at $114.3 $/MWh and the subsidies continue, the cost of a 140 GW goal could reach $246 billion. On an annual basis, this is approximately $67 billion. For perspective, that’s the cost equivalent of passing another “Clean Power Plan” during a four-to-five year time horizon and perhaps far more. If this were a federal regulation, and not a budget appropriation, it would easily rank as one of the most expensive rules of the Obama Administration.