Since they were “dead broke” they had to find a way….

Bill and Hillary Clinton deducted expenses for “computer services,” “computer maintenance” and computer equipment from their taxes during the same time period that they were paying a State Department IT staffer to maintain a private email server in their New York home, a Daily Caller analysis reveals.

The Clintons’ tax documents show that the deductions were applied to Bill Clinton’s speech income. They also show that the former first couple wrote off computer equipment purchased in June 2013, the same month that the Clintons transferred custody of their mysterious email server to a Denver-based IT company.

While it was reported last week that the Clintons paid for the setup and maintenance of their server out of their own pockets, it is still unclear whether the money came from their personal non-business funds, or if the expenses were covered by one of their numerous companies or by their non-profit, the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton campaign did not respond to a request for more background information on the matter. Clinton herself apologized on Friday for the “confusing” email arrangement. On Tuesday, she apologized for her exclusive use of a personal email account as secretary of state.