And the slide continues…..

Just days after a New Hampshire poll showed Hillary Clinton slipping further behind Bernie Sanders in the vital early primary state, a fresh survey shows the Vermont senator narrowly edging ahead of her in Iowa as well.

The Quinnipiac University poll shows Sanders leading Clinton 41-40 percent.

The results are well within the margin of error and represent a virtual tie in the first-in-the-nation caucus state. But together, the polling in New Hampshire and Iowa indicates Clinton’s front-runner status is now being challenged in the primary season’s two lead-off contests.

“Obviously the campaign is delighted,” Sanders Press Secretary Lilia A. Chacon said in a statement. “People and Iowans are responding to a message based on issues. The more people know about Bernie the more they like him.”

The Clinton campaign is stressing that they always thought this would be a “close race.”

“No non-incumbent candidate other than Sen. Harkin has gotten more than 50 percent in the [Iowa] caucus — which is why we are working hard to earn every vote,” a campaign official said in an email, while touting Clinton’s growing ground game in the Hawkeye State.