So sad…..

A heartbroken bear has died just days after his mate had to be euthanized to end her suffering.

Goof, a sloth bear at Capron Park Zoo, Massachusetts, was put to sleep four days after his long-time partner was put down.

Goof’s health deteriorated after the loss of the mother of his cubs, vets said, adding that the stress probably quickened his death.

Amy, a 25-year-old sloth bear, was euthanized on September 3 after she stopped taking fluids and was no longer responding to medication for liver disease.

Goof, 27, was also suffering from the same illness and was put down by devastated vets on September 7.

The bears had been living together in captivity for 20 years and had become favorites of staff and visitors to the zoo.

The inseparable pair had three cubs together, who had gone on to have cubs themselves.