Face to face will be interesting, no pun intended…

“Fires back” may be a tad hyperbolic, given the upbeat tone of the spot and the lack of any explicit reference to The Donald. But Fiorina’s exhortation to a room full of Republican women to “look at this face” is a very clear, if admirably restrained, retort to Trump’s personal insult:

The billionaire at first claimed that his mockery of Fiorina’s personal appearance was actually a critique of her “persona,” then adjusted his spin to suggest his remarks were offered “as an entertainer.” Fiorina has wisely avoided pound-the-table outrage over the controversy, opting instead to own the attack (“I’m proud of every wrinkle”) and poke some fun:

She’s sharpened her tone a bit in the lead up to Wednesday’s CNN/Salem Radio GOP debate, which she’s fought her way into. Fiorina pledged to “challenge Hillary Clinton…and the ‘entertainer’ who’s running for office” at the high-stakes forum, so things may get interesting when Trump and Carly meet face-to-“persona.” Will this kerfuffle harm Trump’s standing among women? That remains to be seen. A recent CNN survey showed the GOP frontrunner gaining 13 points with Republican-aligned women, leading the field comfortably. Then again, that poll was in the field prior to this dust-up, and a buzzy USA Today piece over the weekend indicated that perhaps Trump had finally said something that’s beginning to undermine his image among some right-leaning voters: