Certainly saying all the right things….

“Our military will be so strong,” he said, “so that we will never have to use it.”

“The world is going to respect us again. And, we are going to take care of our vets,” he said. He explained that now, our vets are treated like third class citizens.

“We are going to fight hard, negotiate well. We will get rid of the regulations that are destroying us.”

“If I am elected president, you are going to be so proud of your country, again!” he stated. “You’re going to remember this evening and say that you were part of a movement to take back this country.”

“We are going to make America great again!” Trump closed.

The crowd jumped to their feet as the music began playing “We’re not Gonna Take it Anymore!”

“This is a Trump Wall,” he said. The border wall with Mexico will not be a wall that you can get over with a ladder from Home Depot. “It will be a beautiful wall.”

“Mexico is going to pay,” he said. “When you have Trump negotiating for you, they will pay, 100 percent.”

“Obamacare — We are going to repeal it, replace it and get something great,” he said. The crowd again cheered loudly. “The insurance companies are making a fortune from Obamacare.”

“We will have a plan that will be so good. We will get rid of the phony state borders,” so that true negotiations can take place. “We will do something really good for the people and it will be cheaper for the country.”