No one really wants to admit to the mistake…..

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell is refusing to testify before Congress about her department’s ongoing investigation of the massive toxic mine spill caused by EPA workers last month.

Despite an invitation Republican lawmakers to get Jewell to come before the committee Thursday to testify on the Interior’s investigation, the former CEO of REI has declined. Instead, Jewell’s staffers sent an unsigned statement to House lawmakers.

“Despite nearly every one of its agencies having jurisdiction over lands impacted by the spill and responsibilities to uphold for impacted communities, including tribes, Interior has been nearly invisible in the wake of the spill,” Wyoming Republican Rep. Cynthia Lummis told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an emailed statement.

The Interior Department has been tasked with releasing a technical report on the EPA-caused mine spill in August where agency contractors accidentally unleashed 3 million gallons of wastewater into Colorado’s Animas River.

But the department has largely been silent on its probe into the Gold King Mine spill. Interior told House lawmakers they “would be happy to provide the [lawmakers] with a briefing of that report after its release,” according to the statement to the House provided to TheDCNF by the department. Their response has only frustrated lawmakers.

“Both the EPA and the Department of the Interior must be held accountable, both today and as the recovery efforts continue,” Lummis said. “Right now, the public is being left in the dark. Refusing to appear before the committees and failing to even offer to send a representative on the department’s behalf is deeply concerning.”