Too many conservatives go here…..

An Obama administration representative took a shot at a well-known conservative college Thursday, saying the school wasn’t included on its much-heralded new “College Scorecard” because it isn’t a real two-to-four year college.

Hillsdale College, a 1,500-student liberal arts college in Michigan, is ranked by U.S. News and World Reports as the 67th-best national liberal arts college in the country. The college is well-known for the conservative identity of its student body and its focus on a core curriculum that emphasizes Judeo-Christian tradition and the U.S. Constitution. It’s also known for its refusal to accept any federal funding (including federal student loans), in order to remain free of most federal regulatory control.

Despite its name, the Obama administration’s new College Scorecard doesn’t grade schools (though it was originally planned to) and instead just offers a bevy of data, such as schools’ graduation rate and the average salary of graduates. But notably, Hillsdale can’t be found on the scorecard, as though it doesn’t exist.

Interestingly, when asked by Hillsdale’s student paper, the Obama administration suggested it was because Hillsdale, a four-year liberal arts college, didn’t award enough degrees and instead just offered low-level certificates.

“Hillsdale is a predom­i­nantly certificate degree granting institution,” Department of Education spokeswoman Denise Horn told The Collegian, Hillsdale’s campus newspaper. “At launch, we focused our attention on predom­i­nantly two– and four-year degree programs.” In other words, the Department of Education is implying Hillsdale isn’t a genuine four-year school.