Seems like the WH has been siding with the criminals, not the cops…..

Obama administration officials are being urged by law enforcement and Republican presidential hopefuls to be more outspoken about police officers being targeted and shot, amid a recent series of fatal attacks.

“This is the president’s problem because he has not shown law and order to be the rule of the day,” Republican presidential candidate and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recent told Fox News.

He specifically pointed to the estimated 200 or more so-called “sanctuary cities” that do not enforce federal immigration law and Colorado and Washington where the Justice Department essentially does not enforce federal marijuana laws.

“And … the president says little or nothing about these issues where police officers are being hunted,” Christie said. In just the past three weeks, two officers were ambushed and another was shot in a police chase, resulting in two deaths.

On Aug. 28, Texas sheriff deputy Darren Goforth was ambushed while filling up his cruiser at a suburban Houston gas station, after responding to a traffic accident. He left behind a wife and two children.

Obama called Goforth’s widow two days later, offering condolences and prayers and saying the 10-year veteran was “contemptibly shot and killed,” according to the White House.

“Targeting police officers is completely unacceptable — an affront to civilized society,” the president also said in a statement. “We’ve got to be able to put ourselves in the shoes of the wife who won’t rest until the police officer she married walks through the door at the end of his shift. That comfort has been taken from Mrs. Goforth.”

However, another 2016 GOP presidential candidate, firebrand Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, suggested Goforth’s death was in part the result of efforts by the president and others in his administration to “vilify law enforcement.”