We could only wish…..

If President Obama had lived his life in China rather that the U.S. he “most likely would be in prison – or much, much worse,” Sen. Tom Cotton said on Capitol Hill ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Washington this week.

“President Obama is welcoming Xi to the United States in the grandest diplomatic fashion,” Cotton said during a Congressional-Executive Commission on China hearing on Friday, which saw dissidents and lawmakers slam China’s human rights record and urge Obama to tackle the subject with his guest.

“But as they sit next to each other in that state dinner,” Cotton continued, “I hope President Obama recognizes what is perhaps the starkest irony of Xi’s trip to the United States: If President Obama had lived his life not in the United States but in China – as a Christian, a community organizer, a civil rights lawyer, and a constitutional law professor – he wouldn’t be enjoying a grand fete with Xi Jingping.”

“President Obama most likely would be in prison – or much, much worse.”

In his remarks Cotton contrasted items on Xi’s travel itinerary with the state of human rights in China in various areas:

–Xi is expected to meet with leaders from U.S. technology giants in Seattle, while in China those same companies were unable to deliver uncensored information to the Chinese people, and authorities deprive journalists and civil-rights activists access to Internet technology for fear they would use it to organize, share information and undermine the regime, he said.