Not that it will matter to anyone….

The FBI has managed to recover deleted emails from Hillary Clinton’s supposedly wiped email server, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday night.

The discovery, if true, raises the possibility that Hillary’s private correspondence, which number about 30,000 emails and were supposedly deleted, will become public. Just how many emails the FBI has managed to recover from the server isn’t clear, Bloomberg says. In any case, they’re unlikely to be seen until the FBI’s investigation is concluded, which likely won’t be for several months.

The agency’s success recovering supposedly deleted emails, coupled with the non-classified “chain of custody” of Clinton’s server since her exodus from office, gives implications to one of the worst fears concerning the former secretary’s communications: They were more vulnerable to third-party exploitation than previously thought. Clinton had said she wiped the server prior to transferring it to the stewardship of Platte River Networks, her IT firm, which is not officially cleared to handle classified information.

The FBI seized Clinton’s private email server from the firm in August as part of an investigation into how and why classified government information wound up on it. The investigation has fueled speculation that there could have been criminal wrongdoing on the part of Clinton or her staff, although thus far she hasn’t been accused of anything.