Makes you wonder……..

Russian jets have begun airstrikes in Syria after apparently only giving the U.S. an hour to remove its planes and officials from the area.

The Russian Defence Ministry said it carried out about 20 flights over the country today but concerns were raised that they were only targeting anti-government rebels, many of whom are backed by the U.S.-led coalition, instead of ISIS-held areas.

Syrian opposition chief Khaled Khoja said 36 civilians had been killed in the airstrikes, which also apparently targeted a CIA-vetted Syrian rebel group that was receiving U.S. missiles.

Russia has now been accused of ‘pouring gasoline on the fire’ as the intervention in the Middle East appeared to target moderate rebel positions in support of dictator President Bashar al-Assad.

In response, Russian officials said that out of the 20 airstrikes, eight Islamic State targets had been hit.

The ministry said Russian jets had destroyed an Islamic State command post and an operations centre in a mountainous area. The strikes did not hit civilian infrastructure or areas nearby.

However, activists, locals and rebels did not indicate that ISIS was a group being targeted in the airstrikes and instead said the areas blitzed by Moscow were controlled by an array of rebel groups – including those operating under the banner of the Free Syrian Army.

A U.S. official also earlier said that the Russian airstrikes so far did not appear to be targeting ISIS-held territory.