This isn’t a surprise…..

In a speech before the United Nations on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared Iran to a “rapacious tiger,” devouring more and more prey in the wake of the nuclear deal.

“Now just imagine what Iran will do after those sanctions are lifted,” said Netanyahu. “Unleashed and un-muzzled, Iran will go on the prowl, devouring more and more prey. In the wake of the nuclear deal, Iran is spending billions of dollars on weapons and satellites. You think Iran is doing that to advance peace? You think hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief and fat contracts will turn this rapacious tiger into a kitten? If you do, you should think again.”

Netanyahu began his speech to the UN General Assembly staring down his foreign counterparts before laying out the details of Iran’s misdeeds in the wake of the nuke deal.

“Just look at what Iran has done in the last six months alone,” Netanyahu said.

Ever since the framework agreement was announced in Lausanne, Switzerland, in April, Iran has “boosted its supply of devastating weapons to Syria,” the Israeli prime minister said. “Iran sent more soldiers of its Revolutionary Guard into Syria.”

Iran also sent thousands of Afghan, Pakistani, and Shiite fighters to Syria in an effort to prop up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Netanyahu said. “Iran also shipped tons of weapons and ammunitions to the Houthi rebels in Yemen, including another shipment just two days ago.

“Iran threatened to topple Jordan,” Netanyahu said. “Iran’s proxy Hezbollah smuggled into Lebanon SA-22 missiles to down our planes” as well as cruise missiles to sink Israeli ships.

“Iran supplied Hezbollah with precision-guided surface-to-surface missiles and attack drones so it can accurately hit any target in Israel,” he said. “Iran aided Hamas and Islamic Jihad in building armed drones in Gaza.