Following a hard-fought upset victory over Notre Dame in Death Valley on Saturday, Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney no sooner gave his thanks to the “good Lord” then ESPN inexplicably cut away from the interview.

“And thank you to the good Lord and my dad, who was with me tonight,” said an emotional Dabo Swinney.

Below you will see two clips. The following clip is the interview with the mysterious cut that was seen by many during the live broadcast.

This clip is the interview in its entirety as posted on ESPN’s website:

College football anchor Chris Fowler and ESPN’s Keri Potts both took to Twitter to apologize for the interruption:

Apologies for glitch during Dabo Swinney’s emotional postgame interview. Wrong button hit – interrupted his answer. Live TV
— Chris Fowler (@cbfowler) October 4, 2015

As a result of an error in TV transmission, we inadvertently missed 12 seconds of Dabo Swinney’s postgame interview. We apologize.
— Keri Potts (@MsPotts_ESPN) October 4, 2015

Keri Potts also directed fans to the full interview with head coach Dabo Swinney:

Full Dabo interview was shown on WatchESPN at 11:56pmET and will be shown in full during upcoming halftime of Oregon / Colorado game on ESPN
— Keri Potts (@MsPotts_ESPN) October 4, 2015

Dabo Swiney’s postgame interview following the Clemson win is a MUST watch. #NDvsCLEM
— ESPN CollegeFootball (@ESPNCFB) October 4, 2015