Amazing they are under fire for this….

In recent months, dozens of law enforcement agencies have placed the axiom “In God We Trust” on patrol cars – causing concern among certain critics.

According to a recent New York Times report, many of the law enforcement officers are adding the slogan to the vehicles at thier own personal expense.

“If it’s on my money and it’s on the state flag, I can put it on a patrol car,” said Sheriff Johnny Moats of Polk County, who wrote to Georgia’s sheriffs this year to promote the motto’s placement on law enforcement vehicles. “Just about every single day, I have another sheriff calling and saying, ‘I’ve done it’ or ‘Can you send me a picture of your patrol car?’

But the slogan is coming under fire, Fox7 in Austin, Texas reports the Childress Police Department was one of 57 nationwide to get a letter from the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation–requesting the removal of the religious decal.

“We are getting a lot of concern from non-believers in these smaller communities, where they feel they will be targeted,” Freedom From Religion Foundation Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor told Fox7. “These sheriffs and police think they take guidance from God instead of our civil law and that’s scary.”

Childress Police Chief Adrian Garcia sent the group a written response and posted it on social media. He told them to “go fly a kite.”

The New York Times article claims that a pattern has developed: A police or sheriff’s department begins using the stickers, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation sends a letter, arguing that the practice is unconstitutional and that the agency should desist. The dispute attracts attention, and more law enforcement agencies join in the effort.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation disputes suggestions that the group has unwittingly fostered the spread of the stickers. “I don’t think it has a thing to do with us,” Gaylor says.