Hillary is so above the law she doesn’t see the purpose in this investigation but to keep her from the White House……

Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign are pushing back hard against the investigation being conducted by the House Select Committee on Benghazi. They claim that its goal is to thwart Clinton’s White House presidential bid.

But as Bloomberg View’s Eli Lake asserts in a new report, the Clinton camp has only the Obama administration to blame for the special panel’s creation.

Despite what Democrats argue now, the special committee was created well before Clinton had announced her presidential bid. It was also created before anyone knew that she used a personal email account and private server as secretary of state. On top of that, House GOP leadership resisted the idea up until it was revealed in April 2014 that the Obama administration had withheld smoking gun emails from the House Oversight Committee.

As Lake notes, House Speaker John Boehner resisted the creation of a special panel for nearly 18 months. Five investigations had already been conducted and found no strong evidence confirming many Republicans’ belief that the Obama administration spun the Sept. 11, 2012 attack as the result of spontaneous protests sparked by an Internet video called “Innocence of Muslims.”

Republicans believed that the administration failed to heed calls for more security at the consulate and that the attackers were affiliated with al-Qaida. They claimed that the Obama team spun the story for political purposes ahead of the November 2012 election.

Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf, who is now retired, pushed Boehner to create a special committee to investigate further. He even drummed up enough votes to support the special panel, but Boehner declined to move forward.

But that all changed in April 2014 when the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained an email sent on Sept. 14, 2012 by Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes.

In the email, Rhodes provided talking points to White House press staff about an upcoming conference call to prepare Susan Rice, then the U.S. Ambassador to the UN. Rice was slated to appear on Sunday morning political talk shows to discuss the Benghazi attack, which left four Americans dead.