This is a pretty radical comparison.

Hillary Clinton took aim at the National Rifle Association in Iowa on Wednesday, hitting the group for what she claims is its “absolutist” stance on gun rights and comparing it to “the Iranians and Communists.”

Clinton drew the connection to the gun rights group and murderous tyrants after a woman in the audience at a town hall meeting in Mount Vernon noted that President Obama seemed defeated during his remarks on gun control following last week’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore.

“How are you going to keep from being sad and tired?” the woman asked Clinton.

“I think by being angry and determined,” Clinton said to applause.

The Democratic front-runner reiterated a plan she laid out earlier this week in which she said that if elected president she would take executive action to increase background checks on private sellers of guns if Congress fails to do so.

Clinton has claimed that the action would close what gun control advocates call the “gun show loophole” by requiring background checks for all guns bought at sold at gun shows and on the internet. Gun rights supporters claim that opponents exaggerate the number of guns obtained through those means and that the change would do little to cut gun crime.

But beyond changes to federal law, Clinton asserted in her remarks that achieving true gun control requires replacing the NRA, the largest gun rights group in the U.S.