Hillary’s team is lying in wait…..

A final decision from Vice President Biden on a White House bid may be only days away, but the big question of how he would outmaneuver Hillary Clinton remains unanswered.

Biden will talk with his family this weekend to discuss a possible run, according to CNN. The clock is also ticking down to the first Democratic debate of this cycle, set for Tuesday in Las Vegas. While most people do not expect Biden to participate in that debate, some suggest he could maximize publicity for himself by scheduling an announcement around it, perhaps entering the race immediately afterward.

Biden backers assert that Clinton is a seriously flawed candidate, especially in light of the email furor that has sapped her popularity.

“The question is what happens to Hillary over the coming months — if there are more and more emails disclosed,” said Jim Kreindler, a New York lawyer who has been a big Biden donor in the past and hopes he runs in 2016. “You know it’s a problem, and it’s not a single mistake someone made a couple years ago. It’s an ongoing issue.”

But other, non-aligned Democrats are deeply ambivalent as to whether Clinton’s vulnerabilities are severe enough to give Biden a real shot at wresting the nomination away from her.

Joe Trippi, the strategist who ran former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean’s 2004 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, said Clinton’s strengths are being understated. Biden could have a lower ceiling than his supporters like to think, Trippi warned.

“It’s not as if she’s imploding,” he said of Clinton. “And it’s starting to feel like what the media are doing is saying, ‘We’re going to tell you that you look great and you’re hot and you have Joe-mentum — right up until the point we suck you into the race.’ Then, all of a sudden the stories are going to be a lot more difficult.”