Just asking for trouble…..

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Tuesday he is “committed” to making sure that any Syrian refugees resettling in the United States will get the proper vetting while acknowledging that the federal government won’t “know a whole lot” about the individuals who gain access to the country through the United Nations High Commission on Refugees and Resettlement.

“We’ve gotten better at that over the last couple years, but it is a time-consuming process, and one of the challenges we will have is that we’re not going to know a whole lot about the individual refugees that come forward from the UN High Commission on Refugees for Resettlement and Vetting,” Johnson said.

On Sept. 10, Obama’s Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that the U.S. would accept 10,000 Syrian refugees for the fiscal year that began on Oct. 1.

“The announcement brought a variety of reactions that underscored how the refugee crisis has become another polarized political question,” the New York Times reported on the announcement.

“Aid groups called the administration’s action a token one given the size of the American economy and population, while a number of Republicans warned that Mr. Obama was allowing in potential terrorists,” it added.

According to the Times, the U.S. will allow 30,000 more immigrants from around the world next year in addition to the 70,000 refugees it currently allows into the U.S. each fiscal year. Germany has made the largest commitment to refugees – 500,000 per year.