Family says she was not drinking but mentally deranged instead…

A woman is facing second-degree murder charges after authorities said she plowed a car into the crowd at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade killing four people, including a 2-year-old boy, police announced Sunday.

Adacia Chambers, 25, was arrested after the crash on a driving while under the influence charge, and authorities said they added four charges of second-degree murder. Police did not immediately respond to messages seeking a more detailed explanation of the new charges.

But Chambers’ attorney Tony Coleman said she did not smell of alcohol when he met her hours after the crash and did not appear to be someone who had been in a “drunken stupor.” Police are awaiting blood tests to determine if she was impaired by drugs or alcohol.

“I absolutely can rule out alcohol,” Coleman told a press conference in Oklahoma City Sunday, adding that he had spoken to her aunt, grandmother and boyfriend and all had said she was not drinking.

“She doesn’t remember a whole lot about what happened. There was a period where I think … she could have even blacked out,” Coleman said. Chambers only recalls people removing her from the car and being extremely confused, he said.

Police arrested Chambers of Stillwater after the car plowed into a crowd lining the route of the traditional OSU homecoming parade before the football team’s game with the University of Kansas.