Lot’s of responsibility in saying that….

Newly elected House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told members of the House on Thursday that the chamber is “wiping the slate clean” and it’s time to “return to regular order.”

“To me the House of Representatives represents what’s best of America – the boundless opportunity to do good, but let’s be frank, the House is broken. We’re not solving problems. We’re adding to them, and I am not interested in laying blame. We are not settling scores. We are wiping the slate clean,” Ryan said.

Ryan was elected Thursday to replace outgoing House Speaker John Boehner by a vote of 236. Boehner announced on Sept. 25 that he was resigning from his leadership post and from the chamber itself.

“Now I know how he felt,” Ryan said after Boehner’s farewell speech and the vote. “It’s not till you hold this gavel and stand in this spot and look out and see all 435 members of the House—as if all of America was sitting right in front of you. It’s not till then that you feel it: the weight of responsibility, the gravity of the moment.”

“When they told me yesterday what had happened, I felt like the moon, the stars, and the planets had fallen on me. We should all feel that way. A lot is on our shoulders, so if you ever pray, let’s pray for each other – Republicans for Democrats, and Democrats for Republicans,” said Ryan. “And I don’t mean pray for a conversion, alright?

Ryan said they should pray for “a deeper understanding, because when you’re up here, you see it so clearly. Wherever you come from, whatever you believe, we are all in the same boat.”