As long as someone defeats her!

It may come as no surprise that real estate billionaire Donald Trump is crushing his Republican rivals in Florida by 20 or more points, but he is also leading Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup there.

Florida has taken on the character of the ultimate electoral ‘swing state’ since state officials undertook a series of ballot recounts that decided the 2000 presidential election in favor of George W. Bush.

Bush won that contest, and the critical electoral delegates he needed, by just 537 votes out of 5.8 million cast.

Now, however, the Republican front-runner Trump appears to have a much more substantial lead over his likely Democratic challenger, beating Clinton by a 47-43 margin with just under 10 per cent still undecided.

The Bay News 9/News 13 Florida Decides Poll surveyed likely Florida voters and found that Dr. Ben Carson, who is running neck-and-neck with Trump in Iowa and national polling, would also beat Clinton there – if the general election weren’t a year a five days away.

Clinton trails Carson by a smaller three point margin, 47-44.

But Hillary would edge out former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in his own state by a 46-44 spread.

The other Sunshine State native in the Republican race, Sen. Marco Rubio, is trailing Clinton by a statistically meaningless 1 point, making that hypothetical matchup a dead heat.

Clinton’s presumed strength, her promise to be a champion for women as the nation’s first female president, helps her in the Florida poll far more aganist her main Democratic challenger than it does in a general election matchup.

Women favored her over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary by a whopping 47 points.

But against Trump or Carson, she would only win among female voters by 5.