A brand new Fox News poll introduces another problematic data point in the wake of Hillary’s media-determined ‘winning streak’ — during which the unflappable, poised Democrat finally put Benghazi behind her, according to the Official Narrative. The scientific national survey finds that a strong majority of voters do not believe Mrs. Clinton has been “honest with the American people” regarding the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks that killed four Americans, including a sitting ambassador. Have a look at this trend line:

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It would appear that Hillary helped herself with her Benghazi testimony, and was undoubtedly buoyed by the praises that reverberated up and down the media’s echo chamber for days. The good news for her is that she netted eight points on this question; the bad news is that she’s still 20 points underwater, significantly worse than when Fox posed a similar question last spring. And on the metric of overall honesty and trustworthiness, she’s sitting at an abysmal (35/61), almost identical to the results from this week’s Q poll (36/60). Again, trend line:

The last time she was right-side-up on this measure was last April, back when she was still basking in the afterglow of her State Department-era popularity, and not a candidate for office. As she climbed inexorably toward another presidential run, her numbers eroded, flipping negative ahead of her official announcement. Now, after months of revelations, ethical questions and many provable lies and distortions, she’s seen as a dishonest person by more than six-in-ten voters. On Benghazi, I joined Megyn Kelly to discuss yesterday’s Townhall video highlighting the striking gap between the Clinton campaign’s version of events and the specific recollections of multiple victims’ family members