With friends this inept, who needs enemies? Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti somehow turned an attempt at endorsing Hillary Clinton into an absolute fiasco.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s attempt to endorse Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign quickly devolved into an embarrassment for the mayor Thursday afternoon.

Garcetti’s office first sent out an email endorsing Clinton and an hour later followed up with a second, one-line news release reading: “Today’s statement on Hillary Clinton was sent in error.”

The follow-up message, which quickly went viral on social media, was put out after The Times asked the mayor’s office whether the original endorsement might have been a misuse of city resources for campaign purposes. Both city and state law prohibit the use of government staff time and equipment for campaign news releases, including endorsements.

In a subsequent interview, a Garcetti staff member said the original Clinton endorsement was sent from the wrong email account but declined to comment on whether the endorsement of Clinton was being retracted. The mayor’s staff referred that question to Bill Carrick, Garcetti’s 2017 reelection campaign consultant.