Someone needs to tell the Black Lives Matter crazies, who are saying #FuckParis and calling this a ‘white tragedy’, about this good young man. It isn’t about color, it’s about soul.

A hero of the Paris massacre died after throwing himself in front of a bullet and saved a woman who is fighting for her life in hospital.

In the chaos and bloodshed of Friday’s carnage friends were enjoying a birthday celebration meal when Ludo Boumbas launched himself at the crazed fanatic gunman in a hail of bullets.

Today, his friends paid tribute to Ludo’s selfless bravery and called him ‘a hero’.
An unnamed friend told MailOnline: ‘Ludo threw himself forward to protect a girl and took the bullet.

‘She was also shot, but she survived and is in hospital.

‘He loved traveling the world and above all he loved people. He was just one of life’s good, good people. He didn’t stand a chance.’

Fedex driver Ludo was at the 35th birthday party of waitress Houda Saadi gunmen dressed in bullet proof vests moved in.

Houda, 35, and her sister Halima, 36, were among the 19 people killed.
Their brothers Khaled and Bashir tried to save the women as they died on the floor in their arms.

Halima, born in Menzel Bourguiba, Tunisia, was mother of two two young children, aged three and six.

Witnesses described how the ‘trendy’ café was transformed into an emergency room as desperate medics battled to save the wounded and dying in the Paris gun massacre.

Restaurant worker Romain Ranouil, 48, described being faced with a wall of bodies as he arrived at the besieged café, which was hit by a hail of bullets in Friday night’s attacks.

Mr Ranouil described scenes of carnage as he watched his friends and colleagues dying around him.

‘At first I thought it was scaffolding collapsing, because it was a very metallic sound. Then I saw people slumped on the tables, dead,’ he told MailOnline.

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