GOP presidential candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News Wednesday that Secretary of State John Kerry “needs to get some sleep and shut up” for saying ISIS had “a rationale that you could attach yourself to” with the terrorist attack against satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January as opposed to the terrorist attacks in Paris last week.

“He needs to get some sleep and shut up is what he needs. That’s disgraceful,” said Christie. “For the secretary of the United States to stand up and say that there’s some rationale for what happened in January, these are the kind of weak mixed signals that this administration sends that helps to really make the American people think that there’s no one watching the store, and there isn’t.”

Christie said President Barack Obama is “the same president who’s sitting around saying that somehow it’s someone else’s fault. He’s the guy who drew the red line in Syria and didn’t enforce it, didn’t set up a no-fly zone or these refugees wouldn’t have to be leaving their own country.”

As reported, Kerry told staff and families at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, “There’s something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo. I think everybody would feel that there was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, ‘okay, they’re really angry because of this and that.’

“This Friday was absolutely indiscriminate. It wasn’t to aggrieve one particular sense of wrong. It was to terrorize people, to attack everything that we do stand for,” Kerry added.