Loves this guy cause he is a liberal……

Canada’s suave Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even has President Obama smitten, photos of their first formal meeting show.

The two leaders were spotted looking very chummy at a summit Thursday in the Philippines.

In one photo, Trudeau — who was elected last month after beating out the Conservative Party incumbent — was seen smirking as he locked eyes with Obama while shaking his hand.

Obama had nothing but kind words to say about Canada’s pretty-boy leader — a big change from years of a fractured relationship with the US neighbor’s former leader, Stephen Harper.

“I’m confident that he’s going to be able to provide a great boost of energy and reform to the Canadian political landscape,” he said.

Trudeau reciprocated, saying, “It’s going to be a wonderful time of strengthening ties between our two countries.”

They were just two of 21 world leaders at the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Manila — a two-day discussion about free trade.

Trudeau has been dubbed Canada’s John F. Kennedy for his young, charismatic attitude and good looks.