Interesting most of these sound like young and dumb…..

A bunch of people were shocked to find out over Thanksgiving dinner that members of their family support Donald Trump for president.

My family likes trump. What.

— Hailey Nicole (@903hailey) November 27, 2015

I just found out my entire family is voting for trump omfg

— Tana Evans (@tanaevans) November 27, 2015

I just found out 3/5 of my family is voting for Donald Trump…

— Gracen Bivens (@GracenBivens) November 26, 2015

I have family trying to convince me to vote for Trump, Happy Thanksgiving

— Emily Adams♓️ (@Emily_E_Adams) November 27, 2015

Found out my sister in law is the only sane person in my family who isn’t voting for trump.

— Brooke ✂️ (@Brookeafur) November 27, 2015

The support for the real estate billionaire shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone paying attention to the presidential race so far. According to Real Clear Politics, Trump has the support of nearly 28 percent of registered Republicans in an average of recent national polls. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson sits in second place with just under 20 percent.

But perhaps those who lamented their pro-Trump relatives on Twitter thought that it was other peoples’ families that are supporting the reality TV star.

The Trump truths proved too difficult for some Thanksgiving dinner attendees. Many said they had to leave the table while their family members praised The Donald.

my uncle was seriously talking to my family about how he supports trump & my aunt and I had to leave the room and comfort each other

— carly i guess (@GnarlyCarly24) November 27, 2015

A couple my family members are talking about voting for trump and how all Muslims are terrorists…SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE

— JJ Wood (@Jaesop_Rock) November 27, 2015


— sarah (@hcmiltcn) November 26, 2015

When your family is voting for trump and you retreat from the table.

— Maddie ❁ (@MaddiesRawr) November 26, 2015

When your family is all for Trump and you’re sitting in the corner so you don’t get attacked

— Brooklyn (@_brooklynnnnn_) November 27, 2015

When You have to Leave the dinner table because your family is voting for trump

— ✌️narley bro (@pledgetosatan) November 26, 2015

Others proposed more drastic solutions.

Extended family is voting Trump. Can I place myself up for adoption?

— Liz (@ElizFurt) November 27, 2015

Particular family members talking about voting for Trump…but I’m kind of not mad…just means buying significantly less Christmas gifts

— Chloé Prochaska (@Chlo_Pro) November 27, 2015

At least one person nearly choked to death after hearing all of the Trump love at Thanksgiving dinner.

When you found out your family is voting for Donald Trump and you choke on your pie.

— Dances With Snowmen (@DiADelSo) November 26, 2015

And for some, this Thanksgiving could be the last they share with their pro-Trump family.


— trinity gaffron (@bbytrini) November 27, 2015

My aunt says she’s voting for Trump. I’ve never been so uncomfortable around family.

— Mark Barrett (@Markb515) November 26, 2015

My family is voting for Donald trump I’ve never been more ashamed

— Pug Life (@helloojenn) November 27, 2015

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