If its illegal she is doing it and it’s all ok with the dems……

Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley , the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is questioning whether Hillary Clinton paid legal and public relations expenses for a former State Department aide and a tech company that worked on her private email system.

“As you are aware, such arrangements can pose conflict-of-interest issues,” Grassley wrote in a letter he sent on Tuesday to attorneys representing Clinton and several of her State Department aides, including Bryan Pagliano, the IT staffer who managed Clinton’s email system while she was secretary of state.

Grassley appears concerned that Clinton’s former aides and the tech companies she has hired to manage her mysterious email system would continue to work on her behalf rather than provide information on the email arrangement to investigators.

“It is important for the Committee to know whether Secretary Clinton and her attorneys are providing financial support, legal support, or other coordination to those associates of hers who are involved in congressional committee and federal law enforcement inquiries relating to her email server,” Grassley wrote.

He pointed specifically to a Sept. 16 invoice allegedly sent from Platte River Networks, the Denver-based firm that began managing Clinton’s server in June 2013, to Clinton’s accountant, Marcum, LLP.

Platte River Networks had housed Clinton’s server at a New Jersey data center but turned it over to the FBI in August after the Intelligence Community’s inspector general found that two “top secret” emails had been maintained on the device.