They see hard work and dedication mean nothing anymore……

steady, fulfilling job. A beautiful family. A home of your own that’s, of course, rimmed with a white picket fence.

These are just a few of things associated with the American Dream — an idea that an unprecedented number of young white people think is dead.

A new study conducted by Fusion uncovered the startling revelation that 29 percent of Caucasians between the ages of 18 and 34 believe that the Dream “is not really alive.” That number rises to one out of three among non-college educated whites.

Then, out of those whites who still think the American Dream is alive, six out of 10 respondents said it is much harder to achieve. Once again, more non-college educated whites think it is harder to attain, with seven out of 10 respondents saying just that.

These dismal figures for whites have dramatically risen since a similar study was taken in 1986. (The number of non-whites no longer believing in the American Dream only rose slightly in that same time period.)

But the worst part of these sobering statistics is that they are not an outlier of contemporary sentiment.

Increasingly, studies are beginning to show a very troubling side to what was thought to be the core citizenry of the United States. The mortality rate for the parents of the working class millennials who’ve given up on the American Dream has.

There’s also the stark survey that found more than half of Americans feel like strangers in their own country and are troubled by its changing fabric.

When it comes to millennials, more and more young adults are becoming “unmoored” from our society’s respected institutions and place little trust in their fellow citizens. Additionally, this generation’s patriotism — you know that all important trait of showing pride in your country — lags significantly behind their elders.

America is clearly suffering a serious crisis of faith in itself. If no one buys into the American Dream of economic prosperity in return for hard work, what will happen to our world-famous work ethic? If social trust plummets and few have any faith in American institutions, what will bind our society together? If the majority of the population doesn’t even feel like they belong in the new America, how will we convince people to fight and die on behalf of this nation’s security?

On a morbid note, how do we stymie the skyrocketing death rate of middle-aged whites when their children’s economic prospects are grimmer?