Republicans need to not have a choice in the matter. Those who want to be liberal can join Democrats. Thankfully the nation is turning more conservative all the time.

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The Republican Party as we know does not like its base.  Jeb Bush promised, claimed he was gonna get the nomination without the support of the base.  The way he was gonna do it was with money.  He was gonna be the biggest fundraiser.

He was gonna have more money than anybody else, which was gonna scare of our people out; then all the other conservative entrants were supposed to cancel each other out by dividing up all their support and dividing up all the money.  At the end of the process, Jeb would be the last guy standing because he had the donor money.  So the donor class was gonna be responsible for nominating our nominee, for selecting our nominee.  Now things have not worked out in any way, shape, manner, or form this way. 

What we know is that the Republican Party doesn’t like the Republican base. They don’t like conservatism. But there’s something else that we’ve learned.  And again I hate to be redundant here, but if you look at the coalition Trump has put together, it is everything that the Republican Party claims they want, and they don’t want it with Trump in charge of it.  They don’t want it with Trump being the guy that attracts it. So it’s more than just anti-conservatism and anti-base.  It’s also anti-Trump.  Now, why would they not like Trump?

Well, on the surface it’s that, believe me, folks, when we’re talking the establishment, they don’t like Trump not because he not conservative.  That doesn’t matter.  The fact that he is not conservative in their minds actually would be a plus.  Now, they can concoct all the reasons they want for it, but what is apparently obvious to me now is that in addition to opposing conservatism or the Republican base, there’s also this cliquish, elitist club characteristic here that, if you’re not in it — and the only way you can get in it is to be accepted, to be invited. You can’t succeed your way into it.  This is important to understand. 

You cannot be an overwhelming success in whatever you do and have that be the reason you get into the establishment elite political club.  You have to be a certain type. You have to come from a certain place. You have to be invited.  Trump does not qualify on a whole lot of grounds, in a lot of ways.  So even though Trump has the largest bloc of voters made up of exactly the kind of outreach the Republican claims it needs to win, they’re rejecting it and don’t want it.  Now, they’re characteristic of business involved here, the donor class and their demands. 

There’s some psychology involved in all this, too. But when you boil it all down, it is that the Republican Party. Yeah, they want to win, but only one way.  They are content to lose if winning means conservatives dominate the party.  They seem content lose if winning means that Donald Trump’s the nominee.  The reasons for this would take too long toward the end of the program here to detail.  But it’s fascinating, because hanging in the balance is the future of the country.  And that seems to have not much impact on the thinking and the decision-making that they’re making, or engaged in.