13 Hours will put the spotlight on both Hillary and Obama. Their lies will be exposed on the big screen.

Liberals incompetence is on display as they tried to blame a video instead of their gun running scheme.

Check it out:

A new movie that touches upon the election prospects of one female candidate for president debuts this week. Will 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, provoke thousands of angry viewers to march on Hillary Clinton’s home with torchlights and pitchforks? Doubtful. The film is somewhat oblique. Hillary Clinton’s name is not mentioned. The infamous Susan Rice clips blaming the attack on a video do not appear (though the film does mention, slightly mordantly, that “press reports” are citing a video). Yet even for those coming to the question for the first time, the film very clearly conveys filmmaker Michael Bay’s outrage that a tiny band of unbelievably brave Americans was left to fight off a company of al-Qaeda-linked terrorists for, yes, 13 hours, while the vast land, sea, and air resources of the U.S. military were not sent to their rescue. 

Recent history would suggest that 13 Hours will be a commercial success. Hollywood’s anti-war and anti-American films (there have been many) have had lukewarm (Body of Lies) to dismal (War, Inc.) receptions. But films portraying American courage and fortitude, especially Lone Survivor and American Sniper, have been huge hits. 

As the subtitle suggests, 13 Hours is the story of the tough men who fight our battles. They are portrayed lovingly in this film. They are men who adore their families, who have each other’s backs, and who are careful about when and how they use the force they are so very skilled at deploying. Even after wave upon wave of brutal attacks, these former Navy Seals don’t fire reflexively when cars approach the compound or the annex in Benghazi — they wait until they see aggressive moves. 

That they risked and in some cases lost their lives was a matter of heroism, not duty. The CIA officer in charge countermanded their effort to leave the CIA annex and head to the consulate, a mile away, when it first came under attack. Twenty-five minutes later, half a dozen men disobeyed and headed to the consulate anyway. The scene there was harrowing. Smoke inhalation is a terrible death.