How soon until Biden comes and saves the day? I believe this was the goal all along. He will be seen as the savior of the party and have all kinds of good will. It’s almost ingenious.

Check it out:

The Democrat National Committee has done everything it can to make Hillary Clinton president. The DC Media has done everything it can to make Hillary Clinton president. But in this glorious country of ours, We The People still matter, and due to that inconvenient truth, Democrats are now panicking as they watch a repeat of 2008. Only this time, Hillary isn’t losing to a charismatic black celebrity. This time she is losing to a 74 year-old white socialist.

And this is with the national media on Hillary’s side. In 2008, the national media were already licking Obama’s boots.

The left-wing Washington Post reveals that Democrats are worried:

Some leading Democrats are increasingly anxious about Hillary Clinton’s prospects for winning the party’s presidential nomination, warning that 

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)


’s growing strength in early battleground states and strong fundraising point to a campaign that could last well into the spring.What seemed recently to be a race largely controlled by Clinton has turned into a neck-and-neck contest with voting set to begin in less than three weeks. …

“If [Sanders] comes out of Iowa and New Hampshire with big victories — if it’s close in both places, that’s one thing — but if he comes out of there with big victories, hey, man, it could very well be a new day,” Clyburn added.

One Clinton ally on Capitol Hill said some in the party are starting to seriously consider what it would mean for Democrats nationally if Sanders were to win. …

The central fight among Democrats could come down to how voters will perceive Sanders, the wispy-haired 74-year-old former mayor of Burlington, Vt.,and whether they think his ideology could be a help or a hindrance.

“I’m deeply concerned that in November swing voters are not going to vote for a socialist,” said Israel, who is retiring.