It’s hard to tell with Trump when he is being dramatic and when he is being respectful of God.

God of course knows Donald’s heart and I hope that Donald has believed in Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross for his sins.

Any who don’t will get an eternity of damnation.

Check it out:

Donald Trump says he has a ‘great relationship with God’ – which is why voters in Iowa love him!

  • Donald Trump said he didn’t regret saying that he’s never asked for God’s forgiveness – an attack line that’s being polled to use against him 
  • On ‘State of the Union’ Trump touted his relationship with God and said he tries to be ‘good’  
  • Trump said his relationship with God allows the billionaire to be popular in Iowa and blasted Ted Cruz for bragging about poll numbers
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With his playboy days behind him, Donald Trump touted his ‘great relationship with God’ as he talked to Jake Tapper on the Sunday show, ‘State of the Union.’

‘I have a very great relationship with God and I have a very great relationship with evangelicals and I think that’s why I’m doing so well with Iowa,’ Trump said. 

Tapper wanted to know if Trump regretted saying, months ago, that he had never asked God for forgiveness, a statement he made to Frank Luntz at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. 

That sound bite is now being tested as a potential attack line against Trump in that important early state. 

‘No,’ Trump said. ‘I have a great relationship with God. I have a great relationship with evangelicals. In fact nationwide I’m up by a lot, I’m leading everybody.’

‘But I like to be good. I don’t like to have to ask for forgiveness. And I am good, I don’t do a lot of things that are bad, I try and do nothing that’s bad,’ he continued. 

‘I live a very different life than probably a lot of people would think,’ Trump added. 

‘Always or just now?’ Tapper responded.  

The CNN journalist noted to the thrice married Trump, whose infidelity became hot tabloid gossip, that his life sounded very different now compared to a couple of decades ago.