This is quite interesting. Milk worth more than oil. What a concept.

Liberals will be applauding, but if only this was because of the free market instead of Obama interference.

Check it out:

Crude oil is at a 12-year low and that means it’s even cheaper than milk.

The price of one gallon of West Texas Intermediate crude is equivalent to about half a gallon of Class III milk, the benchmark traded on the Chicago futures market. That’s the lowest ratio since 2004.

WTI dropped to $26.19 a barrel in intraday trading Wednesday, the lowest level since May 2003. That’s equivalent to 62 cents a gallon. Milk futures traded at $13.74 per 100 pounds, or $1.18 a gallon.

400 times the price of crude oil: Breast milk is now big business but mothers warn against moves to stop them giving it away to those who need it

  • Battle underway to control multi-million pound human breast milk industry
  • There is fierce competition between nonprofit and for-profit milk-banks
  • Comes amid a shortage of human milk needed for neonatal units in the US
  • States looking to impose new rules but companies say mothers have a right to earn money for their milk