Megyn Kelly has not handled this very well. Her original Fox News question she responded to Trump instead of just asking the question objectively. She really should have stepped down to make things right.

Trump though has handled this expertly and made it so this is all anyone is talking about. He is a genius at handling the media and playing them like a fiddle.

Check it out:

In the wake of Donald Trump’s refusal to be part of Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate on the Fox News Channel, radio host Rush Limbaugh says the popular cable network is acting like a bride whose groom had just fled the church on their wedding day.

“Fox News was acting as if they had been jilted at the altar,” Limbaugh said on his national broadcast Wednesday.

“Donald Trump knows that by not showing up, he’s owning the entire event. Some guy not even present will end up owning the entire event. And the proof of that is Fox News last night.”

The network went into spin mode, with analysts discussing what a mistake it was for Trump to not participate in the debate. Limbaugh felt Fox’s reaction was astonishing.

“Don’t devote the rest of the night to how a candidate’s not showing up because of you, I mean the network,” he said. “It’s very hard for me to say here. I’m stunned watching this because everybody that’s involved has to know this is exactly one of the things Trump is hoping to achieve.”

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The radio host portrayed Trump as an “outsider” who has never played by the rules of the game established by the news media.

“He’s outside the game. He’s breaking all the rules. He’s exposing so much as fraud that has gone on inside the American political process for so long,” Limbaugh explained.