This seems to be an internal fight between the two of them that is not going to help either of them. The main thing to remember is that candidates can’t control all of their people.

Check it out:

CNN and the media, somebody announced it, they actually took it on the air: Ben Carson dropped out of the race.

And this affected people that were caucusing and who they were choosing.  Now, of course I’m aware of it.  I have been trying to track it down.  I have not mentioned it ’cause I don’t really know yet if Cruz did it.  I’ve got some people, admittedly Cruz supporters, telling me that there’s more to this than meets the eye.  I don’t know what it is yet.

You know, Dr. Carson, 10%.  That number stunned me. In fact, I’ll tell you something.  I probably shouldn’t admit this.  In the early going before it was known what was gonna happen, when it was nip and tuck there and Cruz was, you know, up by a hundred votes, then 200 and 300, and Carson is sitting there, whatever his number is, 10%. I thought this means Trump’s gonna win this, ’cause I thought that meant that Carson was taking votes that Cruz would need to win.  Turned out to be not true.  It means the Republican base is even broader and bigger in Iowa than we knew.

I think what happened was Dr. Carson said that he was gonna go to Florida right after Iowa to get a change of clothes, and somebody said — it’s being alleged it was in the Cruz campaign — somebody said, “Well, that’s proof that he’s dropping out of the race.  If he’s gonna go home after this, what can you think –” that’s where it all got started, and network ran with that.  So, no, it’s a serious problem.

Cruz, I’ve just been informed by the Official Program Observer that Cruz has apologized to Carson for the incident.  Is there an acceptance of blame in this?  Okay.  I see.  So Senator Cruz is explaining in his apology to Dr. Carson it was a misunderstanding.  Okay.  We’ll get to the bottom of this in terms of what’s known and be back after this.