Hillary won’t beat anyone from her jail cell!

Check it out:

Apparently the Hillary campaign’s already getting in gear to beat Trump, and Matthew Dowd… Do you know who Matthew Dowd is?  Well, he’s a former George W. Bush administration person.  He was like a PR guy or a spokesman there.  Anyway, he’s gone full “progressive” now, and I think he…

Yeah, I think he’s an ABC commentator now.  He’s pretty much gone left.  But he’s out there this New York Times story on what Hillary’s gonna do to beat Trump, and he’s out there saying that Hillary is preparing this campaign that’s the equivalent of a massive super tanker, and Trump is the Somali pirates. (interruption) No, no.  And in his… If I got this right, the Somali pirates are gonna come in and take over Hillary’s ship.  They’re gonna come in and they’re gonna commandeer it and she’s not gonna know what hit her.  I’ll have to double-check, but I think that’s what his point is. 

Anyway, Hillary Clinton plans to enlist Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein O to attack Trump.  Here is her five-point plan as published in the New York Times.  Number one: attack Trump’s explosive temper and ability to run the country.  Number two: highlight the Republican front-runner’s sexist and bigoted attitudes to turn female votes against him. 

Number three: show him as a ruthless businessman who had worked against the interests of working classes.

Number four: keep Hillary out of the fray and enlist allies like Obama and Bill Clinton to criticize on her behalf. 

Are you kidding me?  Number four in the five-point plan is that Hillary doesn’t play a role in any of this?  She’s the woman, for crying out.  Doesn’t she bring credibility to these anti-women charges they’re gonna make against Trump?  This sounds like a pretty flimsy attack plan to me.  This sounds so flimsy, it sounds like a setup.  It sounds like a fake. 

And, number five in the Hillary Clinton five-point plan to beat Trump is goad him into making ever more offensive comments which will alienate voters.  This comes amidst shocking news that Trump may, if he wins this thing, turn New York into a potential Republican state.  Well, in the electoral vote college New York might go Trump ’cause he’s more of a New Yorker than she is.  Anyway, that sounds like a flimsy plan.