This is certainly a turn for Kelly. Do you think Trump will get more Presidential as the campaign goes on?

Check it out:

Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who has engaged in a very public and very fiery back-and-forth with Donald Trump in recent weeks, nonetheless had nothing but praise for the billionaire businessman and his speech to supporters about his Super Tuesday wins.

First, her co-host, Bret Baier, said this: “Donald Trump using this night in a news conference that was, Megyn, a different environment, it was a different look. And frankly, it kind of looked presidential.”

And Kelly’s response?

She agreed.

“[He’s]striking a reasonable tone,” she said. “He wasn’t full of the normal bombast. There were a few jabs, but sounding presidential, which will help some of his detractors see him in a different light, perhaps.

Trump, in his victory speech, spoke of unifying the Republican party.

“I am a unifier,” he said, as broadcast by Fox News.

And that, Kelly said, is the message the GOP has been waiting to hear.

“He said, ‘I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m a unifier. Once we get all of this finished, I’m going to go after one person, Hillary Rodham Clinton, if she’s allowed to run.’ That is the one thing that the Republican Party as a whole wants to hear,” Kelly said, Mediaite reported.

Kelly and Trump have traded barbs over the months, on Twitter and on televised broadcasts, mostly due to his perceptions of her unfair questions.

This is very different from a few months ago when Fox News stars were banding together to slam Trump for his “childish” behavior.