Interesting. I’m starting to wonder if Kasich is narcissist. He is certainly delusional. In order to get the nomination at the convention somehow he’d have to convince enough Trump and Cruz supporters, who will be about ¾ of the delegates in attendance, to switch their vote. And to say you’d take a Democrat as your VP will do nothing to convince any Republican.

Check it out:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said he isn’t willing to serve as anyone’s vice president, but he indicated party affiliation would not matter to him when choosing his own running mate.

After losing the Arizona primary and trailing a candidate who is no longer running for president, Kasich hit the campaign trail in Wisconsin and told voters only he could beat the Democrats in November.

He ruled out the possibility of serving with any GOP nominee, but would not oppose putting a Democrat near the top of the Republican ticket himself in November.

“I’m going to be nobody’s vice president, OK?” Kasich said, interrupting a questioner at a town hall in Wauwatosa. “I will not be anybody’s vice president. Just so you know.”