You just can’t make this stuff up. Just another disgusting scumbag that Obama has invited into the White House! How does someone wearing an ankle bracelet get into the White House in the first place? Was the Secret Service sleeping or something? An accused kidnapper with Obama. Is this a big deal or not? Please comment with your thoughts below.

At The White House Rapper's Ankle Bracelet Monitor Go Off2


Rick Ross was like a loud fart in a quiet room when his ankle bracelet went off over the weekend at the White House. Ross was there along with a bunch of other rappers — Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, J. Cole, Wale and DJ Khaled — to support Obama’s Brother’s Keeper youth initiative, ironically to keep men of color out of trouble.

Rick Ross took the name of a drug kingpin named Rick Ross – cool, huh? He was recently released from jail after posting a $2 million bond after kidnapping and beating up his groundskeeper. He wears an ankle bracelet and it went off while he was at the White House.

Obama is glorifying these gangsta wannabes by making them advisors. They glorify themselves as criminals and wonder why they end up in jail or why the children who listen to their music end up in jail.

More than 900 people have died this year in Chicago alone, not because cops shot them, but because the real life gangsters got them  – the ones these rappers make into heroes.

This week, in Chicago, two men were killed, nine wounded, including a one-year old baby. At the end of March, two were killed and nine wounded including a 7-year old little boy. We won’t ever even know their names. These liberal big cities are killing fields. They are war zones, not because of guns, because of gangs and their lucrative drug business. More