This is what muslims truly are. Pure evil. All it takes for evil to rise, is for good men and women to do nothing. Do you think pedophilia is bad and should be banned? Congratulations you are an Islamophobe.

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Liberals in European asylum centers have officially announced they will allow little children to share marital beds with their much older Muslim husbands. However, when citizens raised concerns over the appalling acceptance of this pedophile practice, leftist volunteers had just 7 words to justify their support of child marriage.

As the line between morality and debauchery quickly fades for the progressive left, we find not only that sexual perversity is accepted, it is imposed upon the most innocent of victims. Because Islam’s Prophet Muhammad married and had sex with a 9-year-old girl, and because liberals consider its medieval ideology a culture, they are forcing the West to embrace all of the lechery that comes along with it.

In a dangerous move towards Sharia law, Scandinavia has begun allowing migrant men to sleep with minor children they married in their country of origin, unabashedly recognizing illegal child marriage — but only for foreigners. Breitbart reports that asylum centers in Norway, Finland, and Sweden have placed adult male refugees with children as young as 11, claiming that they should remain married with their husbands since they are “the only person they know and trust.”

“Minors seeking asylum are in a difficult situation where they have left their homeland, family and friends, and the partner they have travelled with can be the only person they know and trust in Norway,” said Heidi Vibeke Pedersen, a senior Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) official.

Of the 10 child brides under the age of 16 that Norway has accepted, they admit that “some live in adult asylum centres, some in their own rooms and some with their partners,” the responded to Reuters.

As of February 2016, at least 10 of Norway’s child brides were under 16 years of age, 49 girls and 2 boys were between 16 and 17 years old, and at least 2 other girls under the age of 18 were pregnant with their second child, accounting for 61 known cases of allowed child abuse and illegal marriage. More