They both want to tax everything, the difference is to tax by the serving or the ounce. How about a $1000 tax on any politician that flip flops on any policy position? It will be a great day in America when politicians fight over tax cuts, and not a soda “sin tax”. Anyone agree? Please comment below.


PHILADELPHIA, April 22 — Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders have waded into America’s great soda debate — and it has nothing to do with whether it should be called “pop.”

Clinton this week publicly endorsed a proposal by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney that would place a tax on soda in order to help fund universal pre-Kindergarten in the city.

Sanders opposes the plan despite his support for more early childhood education, saying a tax on soda would disproportionately hurt the city’s poor.

Studies have shown poor people consume more soda than wealthier Americans, meaning a majority of the money raised by a soda tax would be paid by poorer Philadelphia residents.

“Making sure that every family has high-quality, affordable preschool and child care is a vision that I strongly share,” Sanders said in a written statement. “On the other hand, I do not support paying for this proposal through a regressive tax on soda that will significantly increase taxes on low-income and middle-class Americans. At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, it should be the people on top who see an increase in their taxes, not low-income and working people.” More


The proposed Philadelphia tax would levy 3 cents for every ounce of sugary drink sold by distributors, making it the highest soda tax proposed anywhere in the country. That means a tax of $4.32 on a 12-pack of soda, which typically costs between $3 and $6 at the grocery store. It would come to 60 cents of tax on a 20-ounce bottle, which usually retails for about $2. It’s not yet clear whether distributors will absorb some of that tax or simply pass all of it on to consumers, but the city budget department expects big price increases in retail stores.