While Obama golfs again, North Korea is expanding its arsenal. If this missile only flew 19 miles, I’d say the test was a big failure.

Via CNN:

North Korea has fired what is believed to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said Saturday.The missile was fired at 6:30 p.m. local time (5:30 a.m. ET), South Korean officials said.

One U.S. official said Saturday the launch “was provocative but not a threat to the U.S. and the missile was fired away from South Korea and Japan.” But another U.S. official noted that after previous launch attempts by Pyongyang that didn’t appear to be successful, this one seems to have gone much better.

“North Korea’s sub launch capability has gone from a joke to something very serious,” this official said. “The U.S. is watching this very closely.”

The action comes a week after an apparently unsuccessful attempt to fire a missile, South Korean and U.S. officials said April 15.South Korea’s military did not specify what sort of missile was part of the April 15 test, but South Korean media reports said it involved an intermediate-range Musudan missile.Tensions have ratcheted up on the divided Korean peninsula this year as Pyongyang has made a series of assertions about developments in its military capability. More