Congratulations Obama. You’ve turned this entire country into a big puddle of gasoline waiting for a match. 1968 all over again? The media will blame Trump supporters and republicans instead of the democrat thugs,  just to make republicans look like the ones who start the riot. Should the Republican National Convention be moved? Sound off below.

Via US News:

If confrontations at Donald Trump rallies are any indication, the Republican National Convention in July may see some of the most exciting – and potentially violent – street protests in recent years, and reporters are being schooled on how to ride out the chaos.

It’s not cheap, but a group that usually prepares journalists and nonprofit workers for problems in sub-Saharan Africa or conflict zones in Syria and Afghanistan is finding convention concerns great enough for news outlets to justify special training.

A two-day course from Global Journalist Security scheduled for early May will feature realistic simulations with “protesters” and “party militants” and already has signed up reporters from a major news wire and a prominent new media company, organizers say.

With a price tag of $1,195, the convention training likely is beyond the reach of most student journalists, rent-overdue freelancers and people with their own low-traffic blogs. But it could help well-financed outfits avoid legal and medical costs, and spare PR departments from having to defend employee behavior.

Frank Smyth, a press freedom advocate who founded the organization in 2011, worked more than a decade at the Committee to Protect Journalists and says reporters risk a variety of threats, be it a punch in the face or an arguably unjustified arrest.

“If Mr. Trump doesn’t get the delegates it’s going to be intense, and there are also going to be protesters outside the convention of all kinds,” Smyth says.

American political conventions routinely are magnets for activists, and the Cleveland event has an added question mark not only from a possibly contested nomination, but with Trump’s campaign-trail rhetoric rountinely inspiring protests and scuffles. More