All men should use the men’s bathroom and all women should use the women’s bathroom. That’s nothing out of the ordinary. The fact that liberals call it discrimination, that a man cannot use the lady’s restroom shows how ridiculous everything has gotten. Someone is going to get hurt or even killed over this decision.

The American Family Association, a Christian activist group, has taken aim at Target since it announced that any transgender customers or employees in its stores can use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. The AFA’s online pledge to boycott Target has received nearly half a million signatures in less than a week.



Target has found itself the subject of increasing uproar after announcing a bathroom policy that would allow transgender employees and customers to use the bathroom that they say corresponds with their gender identity.

The controversial decision has led to about half a million people now signing a pledge to stop shopping at Target, Fox and Friends reported.

It comes just after North Carolina passed a law requiring people to use bathrooms in public facilities that correspond with their gender at birth.

Fox News’ medical A-Team expert Dr. Keith Ablow joined Steve and Ainsley this morning to explain why customers are now rising up.

“It represents more than bathrooms,” he said.

“We’re not just talking about who’s gonna use which restroom. We’re talking about whether closely held opinion of an individual will be allowed to overcome scientific data and history.”

The emerging conversation hints at wide-ranging policy implications going forward, said Dr. Ablow.

“If we allow people culturally to dictate terms in our culture, then we also by extension may be in a position where we allow people to say that they’re 65 when they’re 45 and get Medicare. Allow people to get tattooed head to foot and say, ‘I’m a black person.’”