Offensive & racist? Microaggression alert! The original meaning of Sooner has nothing to do with Native Americans it references the history of Oklahoma. Nobody cares about the student government nor does anyone pay attention to anything they do. Why do they come up with this stupidity all the time? Sound off below.

Campus Reform:

The Oklahoma University student government rejected a resolution Tuesday congratulating the school’s sports teams amid concerns that the traditional “Boomer Sooner” salute is offensive to Indigenous students.

According to OU Daily, the Student Government Association’s Undergraduate Student Congress voted 13-20-1 against the resolution, with some opponents also citing concerns that the measure would constitute favoritism for sports teams over other student groups on campus.

“The Undergraduate Student Congress would like to congratulate all OU student-athletes for their success this year and thank them for representing the university and the OU student body well in their competitions,” the resolution states. If passed, copies would have been sent to 19 varsity teams and 13 club teams along with a statement saying “Boomer Sooner” in recognition of their accomplishments.

SGA President Daniel Pae told OU Daily that he decided against striking the phrase from the resolution because he does not believe in issuing a “top-down mandate” against the slogan, saying “this is something that should be discussed at the individual and organizational level.” More