“How can you have delegates when no vote was cast?” I think this video speaks for itself. Is this Trump supporter right, or is Ted Cruz?  Let us know below how you are feeling after watching this exchange.


Many Donald Trump supporters have echoed the candidate’s anger about how delegates were chosen in a number of states, and one Trump supporter confronted Ted Cruz in Indiana today about it.

She accused Cruz of basically playing establishment games, but Cruz insisted that grassroots operations working in states like Colorado to win delegates are the “exact opposite of the establishment.” More

Daily Mail:

The term is commonly used to refer to a bi-partisan group of senators who wrote the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill which saw a citizenship path for illegal aliens already in the country.

The woman, known as Kathy Hiel, dismissively said a couple thousand ‘isn’t funding much of anything.’ Cruz told her thats he gave nothing.

She continued to confront him about his position on things like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Cruz, sensing things were getting a bit heated, told her, ‘I’ll have a respectful conversation with you.’

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement among twelve Pacific Rim countries concerning matters of public policy and to promote ‘promote economic growth and the creation and retention of jobs; raise living standards and reduce poverty.’ More