The Obama economy is awful, by any objective measure. I am shocked Bill didn’t mention Obama’s moronic statement that he single- handedly saved the world during his presidency.


Bill Clinton has never missed an opportunity to undermine the current President over the past eight years. It feels good to take a break from our own party’s dysfunction and laugh again…

Clinton has regularly lambasted the U.S. economy’s performance during Obama’s tenure as president, arguing that conditions for working Americans have not improved and have helped give rise to Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) during the 2016 presidential race. More


Former President Bill Clinton took a dig at President Barack Obama Tuesday, saying the economy has not improved much during his seven-plus years in office.

Clinton made the remark while campaigning for his wife Hillary in Indianapolis.

“But the problem is, 80 percent of the American people are still living on what they were living on the day before the [2008 financial] crash,” Clinton told a crowd. “And about half the American people, after you adjust for inflation, are living on what they were living on the last day I was president 15 years ago. So that’s what’s the matter.” More